The Castle of Good Hope
The Castle of Good Hope!

Standing in the clouds! Oh what a feeling!

The 12 Guardians! They are actually 17 of them and I don't know who told them that the Table Mountains needs guardians! See how low the clouds were hanging that day! Amazing!

The Castle of Good Hope
The Castle of Good Hope!


The Table Mountain Cafe!


Look at the beautiful Cape Town stadium
Look at the beautiful Cape Town stadium

One of my 100 things to do before I die, is  to visit the Table Mountain in Cape Town South Africa! The surprising thing, is that though i had looked forward to visiting the Table Mountain, when I saw the sheer size of it and how high the cable cars had to go, I was almost paralyzed with fear and didn’t want to go up. But I knew I’d hate it more to miss the chance than to “feel my fear and do it anyway”, so eyes shut tight, I got into the cable car and up I went!

My list includes such things as being on Oprah (guess, I’ll have to change that to OWN), having dinner with President & Michelle Obama, sky diving, paragliding and changing the world, LOL! Well, here are some of my pictures from the Table Mountain! It was a totally breathtaking and refreshing experience and I’d do it again and again if I had the chance! Share some of your top 100 things to do with me will you? I will share my paragliding pictures with you when I get the courage to actually go paraglide! Until I hear from you, “don’t forget to BE awesome”.


  1. Very Nice, I had a similar experience when I went to the Obudu cattle ranch in Northern Cross River State. I could see the clouds move all around me! Awesome feeling!!

  2. i keep postponing all my dreams…this has inspired me to start living those dreams…one beautiful layer at a time! I can, and will…! #smileyface#

    1. Aww! My dear Jade, no one is promised tomorrow! That’s what drives me! I ask myself, if I died today, will I feel like I’ve truly lived? And that propels me to chase my dream in some small way- everyday. Big hug!

  3. Absolutely breathtaking views! In my top 100, is a visit to the Vatican City, …seems much closer now. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Aww! I would love to do that too especially to see Pope Francis! You can’t help but love his humility and stark truthfulness. Also the rich sense of history! I’d really like to go Venice and ride in a gondola while the sun sets… I hope to do this before the city disappears!

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