On the hop-on, hop-off in Cape Town!

One day, I took the hop-on, hop-off bus and toured Cape Town! It was absolutely beautiful and so full of recent history! Enjoy some of my pictures below:

The view from one of the windows in my hotel room! Everywhere I turned, Cape Town had beauty to offer!
The Ferris Wheel in front of the Victoria & Alfred Mall
The Ferris Wheel in front of the Victoria & Alfred Mall
Cape Town-20130306-01301
The Cape Town Stadium

Signal Hill

From my seat on the Hop Off, Hop Off bus!
From my seat on the Hop-on, Hop-off bus!
signal hill
I believe this is the same mountain I saw from my room (above), just now in the warmth of sunshine and with the clouds not hanging so low!
Cape Town-20130306-01308
This is the building next to the church where Bishop Desmond Tutu’s was archbishop! I meant to take a picture of that church but unfortunately with a blackberry, what you get after you have finished taking the picture is what you get! Oh well! Means I have to go to Cape Town again soon!
Cape Town-20130306-01310
We were going up the hill, approaching the turn where we saw the Table Mountain and the Devil’s Peak.
The Twelve Apostles, standing guard- protecting the Table Mountain
Cape Town-20130306-01325
And then, there was the Devil’s Peak
Cape Town-20130306-01382
Nobel Square- effigies of Albert Luthuli, former president of the African National Congress, Archbishop Emeritus Desmond Tutu, last president of the ‘old South Africa’ FW de Klerk and the legendary Nelson Mandela in Nobel Square! Because they all won Nobel Prizes! Way to go!
Cape Town-20130306-01385
At the Canal Walk shopping mall in Cape Town! I thought the sunset was too beautiful! Looks like its fighting to stay and the clouds are intent on having their day “in the spotlight”. LOL!
Cape Town-20130306-01391
The Ferris Wheel in front of the V & A Mall at Night! It is beautiful!
Street view from my hotel at the Sea Point!
Just look at that!

Cape Town-20130306-01318

I had to throw in one of my friend and I! Sandton Square Johannesburg!
I had to include a picture of my friend- Nelson Mandela and I! Nelson Mandela Square, Sandton, Johannesburg!
My day around Cape Town
I threw in a collage for good measure!
The One & Only Hotel Cape Town
The One & Only Hotel Cape Town

The One & Only Hotel, Cape Town. I did not actually visit the One & Only on this trip- frankly because I could not afford it. However, as part of my “act-as-if”, I shall be visiting the One & Only and using the spa on my next visit. I really should do a blog post on this “act-as-if” principle. For me it stems from the part of the Bible where God said to Abraham, as far as your eyes can see, I will give you, and wherever your feet step…(Genesis 13: 14-17), so the principle in application is “if I cannot see it” how can He give me? Tying this with the scripture where God says, I will give you “exceeding abundantly above all that you can think or imagine”… It means that you have to participate by thinking and imagining and how do you think beyond what you are familiar with? By raising the standard, reading new books, going to new places, seeing how things are done differently, looking for the best, then thinking and imagining better so God can crown it by exceeding abundant! That your feet cannot take you where your mind has not taken you. Wow! Watch out for my “act-as-if” blog post.

Cape Town holds very fond memories for me! It was the absolute beauty! Like God was showing off! It was the peace and tranquil! It was all the ironies- first open heart surgery was performed in Cape Town, the oceans surrounding Cape Town are cooler in the summer than they are in the winter! The trees bowing in the opposite direction form the wind (I still don’t get that) and Cape Town being pollution free because of the Cape Doctor, the south easterly wind that is said to clear the Cape Peninsula of pollution and pestilence! I would return to Cape Town as soon as I get the chance! You should visit too, if you haven’t! C’est tres belle!

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