La Vie est Plus Belle! (See Paris and Live {1})


Oh my, oh my! They do not tell you enough about Paris! They cannot! It is absolutely breath-taking! Going around Paris yesterday I came to the conclusion that not only is it the city of love, the city itself is loved! So many things built, so much art and most of them contributed to the city by the artists. So much has been invested into the city and as is fitting of a place where so much has been put in, so many come to see! I did! And I loved it! See through my eyes, will you?

At the airport! Yaaaaay! Here at last!

From the airport, it was warm hospitality all the way. This was really nice because we had been warned that the French are quite rude. But we had also learned that the French hate the assumption that the whole world speaks English, so when you approach people, say “bonjour” and then ask, if they speak English (in French “parle vous Anglais?”) before speaking in English, we received a lot of kindness and politeness this way, even the ones who could not speak English directed us to people who could, or drew on maps! It was so cool, it also gave me a chance to practise my French and feel very cosmopolitan (LOL)!

This tunnel into Paris was pretty cool! I could see how it’ll be a great car chase scene!
I loved the architecture! How it told its own story, that the French are not simple, they are grand, it has to be intriguing, attention has to be paid to the details! Just beautiful!


Beautiful Architecture!

As we drove into the city, we were greeted by the Arc de Triomphe!
The River Seine encircles Paris!



We saw really interesting transportation!
I just wanted to share the sky with you! When we started out, it was all grey and rainy, but as the day progressed, it became brighter and the sun came out to play!
Champs Élysées! I tried my iPhone’s panorama views!
The Sephora store on Champs Élysées, from the road you could smell the perfumes! It was absolutely delightful! I had to walk the length of Champs Élysées (just so I could say I did! And the human traffic was amazing! See photo below.


Another Panoramic image! Lets see if I can make that bigger and re-post- with panorama, you are able to get more of the view in with one snap shot. Any photographers reading? Please advise!
The Louis Vuitton store on the Champs Élysées!
We caught a glimpse of the Eiffel Tower by the Museum D’Orsay. More pictures of her (the Eiffel) in her glory in a later post!





I saw the artist, drawing the building (below) and asked if I could take a picture! Tres cool!



And we walked through the garden and viola! What did we see? The Louvre on the other side!

I have to do a separate post on my pilgrimage to the Louvre! I have always wanted to see the Mona Lisa! Wanted to see great original art, just to be in that environment where I’m sure inspiration will abound! I was not disappointed. Watch for the next post in this series and don’t forget to stay awesome!

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    1. Lol! Because of you I can’t wait to go to Luxembourg! I shall put it on my bucket list next to Santorini and the Amalfi Coast! Thanks a lot! Your insight about Paris was very helpful! You should open a travel advisory site!

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