Inspiring Updates on my Anniversary!

Yaay! It’s my first anniversary on WordPress! I started blogging here exactly a year ago and 131 posts later, I am still thoroughly excited about the platform. Thank you WordPress! I am all about inspiration, about how we can make our lives better, live more purposefully, and how we “happen” to life! Life doesn’t happen to us! So on this anniversary of my decision to live more intentionally and pursue my passion for writing, I thought it fitting to share updates from FaceBook and BBM display pictures that have inspired me and spurred me on at times when I thought I just couldn’t go on! Enjoy them and live inspired!

Truer words haven’t been spoken. You create your tomorrow today. Read my post on living intentionally here.
We have all said tomorrow at one point haven’t we? Tomorrow never comes and before you look up life has passed you by! Do it today! Truly live!


I’m really “feeling” Sarah Jakes now! In my last post on updates it was Robin Banks. I love Sarah’s story, I love her growth! I love how she’s processing it all on her own terms and at her own pace.
At Entreleadership now! I cannot praise it too highly or recommend it too much! It has been awesome and life changing and I’m not even done yet! Watch out for my series on EntreLeadership. I’m sharing some photos from EntreLeadership on Instagram at hajelpitan, enjoy those.
You are the same person you’ll be now as you’ll be in 5 years except for the company you keep and the books you read. Look around you, at the people you let speak into your life now, do they add to you? Take you from your journey to purpose or just chip away at your self-esteem and tell you what you can’t do? How you are not enough? You are the CEO, your tomorrow is yours. Prune as necessary today!
True that!
I loved this! As a mother who sometimes has had to turn down opportunities in order to stay home with my kids, I am grateful to know that grooming kids who have purpose and know the Lord may be my biggest contribution to God’s kingdom!


This is true for me. Sometimes it seems like all I’m doing is dodging bullets! I dodge them on my knees, in the place of prayer and stay there till the storm blows over!
This is true too! If you know that it’s about purpose for you, then money alone will not drive the decisions you make…
I love that! Thank you for reading! Thank you for staying awesome! Thank you Dani Johnson for sharing this picture!
I love that! Thank you for reading! Thank you for staying awesome! Thank you Dani Johnson for sharing this picture!

Thank you so so much for reading, commenting, liking! I don’t know if this is true for all writers, but for me, it’s easier, nicer, lovelier to write just because someone reads! There’s something about creativity that doesn’t want to hide, it must be expressed. So I am saying that you have been an integral part of my journey and I am thankful for you! May you always find champions to support you too! Thanks for being awesome!

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