I’m not even going to cry!


Tear ducts dry
Frozen in a silent scream
But, I’m not even going to cry!

Even as my world goes awry
Cascading downstream
Numbed by pain, I can’t even try!

Heart aches like I’m going to die
The very fabric of me coming un-seamed
But! I’m not even going to cry!

Love, that all obstacles defy
Snatched so quickly! Or was it a dream?
Tear ducts dry!

I let out a sigh
Hurting in ways you can’t imagine
But, I’m not even going to cry!

Hopefully I stood by
Thinking my heart you’ll redeem
Alas! You smashed it to pieces with your good-bye
Tear ducts dry! But, I’m not even going to cry!

Cubby set us on a task to write a special poem
Which’s name I forget, but I willingly I comply
Why? You may ask

I could explain
But really
I’m not even going to try!


I am so loved! I just put this post up barely 5 minutes ago and I have had a few people reach out to me asking if I am okay. I am great, I wrote this poem a while ago in response to a blogger named Cubby (penultimate paragraph), he was trying to teach us a certain type of poetry (can’t remember the name right now- I referenced that in the penultimate paragraph as well). We were to write a poem in which each stanza had 3 lines with 2 refrains which we were to end alternate stanzas with. Obviously, I failed the challenge, but still thought I got a good poem out of it and decided to share with you. Anyone know what type of poetry he was referring to? Please feel free to show us a correct sample by leaving a comment below. Stay awesome!

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