Flourish Where You Are Planted


Hello you! Just a quick note from me to you, encouraging you to flourish where you are planted while actively planning, studying, equipping yourself and making investments into where you know you are meant to be/what you are passionate about.

Don’t wait till you find your passion before you become excellent, be excellent and work hard where you are today, but don’t become so comfortable that you forget to grow yourself for where you should be going! For what you know is your ultimate purpose/dream/goal is.

Stay awesome and stay intentional!


6 replies to “Flourish Where You Are Planted

  1. Hajara, thank you for this sharing. Sometimes we look to the future goal and position and fail to utilize our current position for the maximum benefits. Regards. Akpabio Esien

  2. Hello EHP (I may never stop calling you this {smiles}). Your message is very apt. I must have heard or read your caption a couple of times in the past but it has particularly uplifted me this afternoon. Thanks to your mind and pen.


    1. Oh, BP (LOL, I don’t plan to stop calling you that), I am so glad to have been able to help. You are an amazing and intelligent person and the sky is your stepping stone. While living in and through your present circumstances please don’t let them limit you, keep dreaming, keep aspiring and keep taking steps towards the future you see. Stay awesome and feel free to call if you would like to talk.

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