IDP Donation Drive- Amir says “thank you”

Amir saying "thank you" he got a toy water gun and some clothes.
Amir saying “thank you” he got a toy water gun and some clothes. See video below.



Ladies and Gentlemen, you have been truly awesome. Last year, I had a wish on my birthday. It was that you all give me old clothes, shoes and toys in that were in good condition so that through a company owned by Hubby and I, we’ll them to donate to IDP camps in Adanmawa. The response was overwhelming, you sent clothes, people sent toys, some people donated their time to help sort the clothes into categories (see post here) and now with the help of the Red Cross the items have been distributed at an IDP camp in Adanmawa. I just wanted to say thank you again and share a few pictures and a video (hope that works), of the donated items and the beautiful children they went to.

Amina is holds unto her new friend Winnie the Pooh and her water bottle…


Aunty Red Cross and her goodie bag! The kids wait to get the gifts you sent.


In one of the classrooms at the Camp
In one of the classrooms at the Camp


Our Super Hero… And the real heroes of this story, the great people of the Red Cross who risk their lives to ensure that help gets where it should go. I am in awe of what you guys do.


Items sent to the Red Cross for on-ward distribution to the camps in Adanmawa
Items sent to the Red Cross for on-ward distribution to the camps in Adanmawa

Just to say thank you. I am honoured, that I asked and you answered. Hubby and I feel thankful. And Amir is really thankful as well, he recorded a short video to say thank you, watch it here,

I pray that God heals our land, that these children can go home and grow well and live in joy like all children should. In the interim, however, with your help, we will be a force for good, we will try to bring a smile to their faces in the ways that we can. We have received a few more cases of clothes and shoes, and plan to send those to the Red Cross for distribution by the end of February, if you would like to contribute used clothes and toys that are clean and in good condition, please email me at, so we can arrange pick up.

Thank you so much.


All photos and video taken by Miss A of the Red Cross.

4 replies to “IDP Donation Drive- Amir says “thank you”

  1. Truly touched, I made a difference…

    Cheers. Let me know when next you will be doing a charity that gives out stuff, I would love to be a part of it.

    Interested in charities part time.

    1. Thank you my dear Tessa, you made a difference and will continue to. I am still asking people who want to donate in your neighbourhood to coordinate with you. I hope that’s still okay. Stay awesome and thank you for being you.

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