Nigeria!! The Conversation about Progress! (3)




olumo rock




It is that conversation on Progress that you and I must have!

You have spoken it and I cannot seem to believe it!

Progress?!!! Between 1979 of my birth and 2019 of my 40’s

We have progressed by having the same pool of leaders!

Progress?!!! One resource! Oil! Oil! Oil!

What progress has there been?

The stone age did not end for lack of stone, the oil age will not end for lack of oil!

Progress?!!! Civil war and tribal divisions just after Independence

50+ years after, tribal, local and even neighbourly divisions, more deeply entrenched!

Progress?!!! What is the Nigerian dream?

Or did we choose not to dream, not to envision, not to plan?

Letting hope die, before it even lived?!



Thou blessed nation of plenty

Thou endowed nation

Endowed roundabout

Now, the poster boy for the resource curse!

You have it all!

Yet you have none of it!

Perhaps, your plenty is your lack

Perhaps, it is your gifting that leaves you empty

Perhaps, perhaps, perhaps…

So many permutations

Of what ifs, maybe’s, the “if, then”scenarios of risk management are stomped by you!

All defying logic when applied to thee, oh great Nation!

Nigeria! Nigeria!

Thou blessed nation of plenty

When will the promise of you be kept?


When will your proclamations be true?

Thou endowed nation of mine?




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