I finally saw Lion King (the movie!!!)

All pictures in this post are taken from http://www.disneyinternational.com. All copyright in the images lie with Disney.

This is a big deal y’all!!! New Mum guilt and new Mum overwhelm can be quite real!!! Suffice it to say I haven’t been to a movie since I had my daughter and she’s almost 15 months now! I leave her during the week to go to work… haven’t been able to justify adding weekend movie time to the equation!

Anyhow, as at last week, the burn out was sooooo real, I could almost smell it! LOL!!! So I preached to myself, you know that message about wearing your oxygen mask first? I told myself! You can’t give what you don’t have! So this morning, immediately after breakfast and her bath, when I knew there was a likelihood of a snooze fest, I set how down with her trusty care giver and decided to give myself 2 hours of quiet, guilt and duty free time at the movies!

This is how I finally saw The Lion King (partly because it was the only other movie showing at 10a.m in the morning! LOL!)!

I was so inspired, I wrote down my take outs to share with you!

1. You will love and be vulnerable… don’t let that leave you open

2. Have your own tribe. And keep them close. The enemy is not without his.

3. Don’t let anyone reframe your conversation. When they re-tell the story even to you, they begin to win the battle that’s in your OWN mind.

4. If you allow them win the battle in your head, they win!

5. Be careful who you trust.

6. To do evil, you don’t have to do it yourself… so be careful when you try to identify the source of your problems… the hyenas you see may not be as dangerous as the Uncle you trust…

7. Space… nature abhors a vacuum

8. What you give space to will grow! A little evil now… just on the outskirts, it will eventually take control… don’t give it space.

9. Everybody is somebody! Even a nobody! Identity!!!!! Be clear who you are!

10. You have a legacy worth protecting but if you don’t identify it, articulate it, really know it and place value on it, you will lose it!

11. There are always guides! Creation is set up to ensure you get where you should!!! It’s up to you to circumnavigate!!!

12. You must take your place in the circle of life!!!

13. Remember who you are! Remember what you carry!

14. Who are you?! #findout

15. Creation is going to hear me ROAR!!! #impact

16. Beyoncé has a wonderful speaking voice! Can she write a book and read it on Audible?! Or just become my friend and send me voice notes?

17. You have guides!

18. Also have good friends… the ones who bring humour to the darkest and most difficult times

19. Spirit is with you! God is with you!

20. A true King’s strength is in his compassion

21. There’s always help! Until you take a stand creation won’t activate the help!

22. No matter how long the Pride Lands have been decimated for, there is always a chance for renewal and growth! Build again!!

23. Take your place!!!! The world needs you!

24. Oh! And the technology is incredible!

Ciao people!!! If you’ll come and baby sit, I’ll watch more movies and share more reviews with you! What say ye?

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