40 Days to 40!!!!

Ohhh!!!!! I am so excited!!! You would think I am the first one to be almost 40 on planet Earth! LOL!!!

I am grateful! I feel like it’s a major blessing to be alive! I am not better or more worthy of life than the ones God called home earlier! When I look at my life thus far, all I can point to are reasons to be grateful! So so many of them! I am blessed in ways that I never could have imagined!!! God is good! He is wonderful! He is faithful!

I wrote this on my Instagram today (@hajelpitan):

“Yaaay!!!!! I’ll be 40 in 40 days!!!! Amazing!!! I have honestly been looking forward to becoming 40 since I was 23! (Don’t ask me why! Me too, I don’t know! Seriously though! Isn’t God awesome!!! I don’t take life for granted! It’s not because I am worthy that He has blessed me with life, with good health, with peace for each day and a hope for the future! I am in awe of God!!! Join me as I dedicate the next 40 days to thanksgiving, gratitude and to sharing my lessons learnt so far!!! #40daysto40 #myyearofjubilee #Queensarebornin79 #3rdDec #countdown #gratitudejournal #thanksgiving #hajwillbe40 #LOL”

I will be doing a count down to 40! Praise! Thanksgiving and Lessons Learnt! I am hoping my sharing blesses you! I am hoping to release an avalanche of gratitude to God… I am hoping you see from the simple things I am grateful for, that you also have so so much to be happy about!

Have a beautiful day today as you come with me on my journey to 40!!! Shalom!

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