39 Days to 40

39 Days to 40!!!! Amazing God! Today I am grateful for the gift of life! Every day that we have been given is a gift!!! Which of God’s mercies can I claim to deserve? I saw it written somewhere that if you think it is your alarm clock that wakes you, put one in a mortuary and see if it wakes anyone up!!!! Heavy but true!

When I wake up, my legs obey me and get off the bed! God! I am thankful for that! I get up and can walk! I am thankful! I get up and my brain responds! God I am thankful! My bowels can do what they are meant to do! God, I am thankful! (LOL! I see you cringing at that, but imagine if they couldn’t? The tubes, the swelling… better thank God for yours too! I am thankful that I can take my routines for granted! I walk to the kitchen to put the kettle on! Brain, hands, legs, body, all coordinating and working! God I am thankful! That I can drink the tea I made!!! What a privilege! Remember that song? Some have food but cannot eat… I have and I can eat!!! God I am thankful! I drive to work! I can drive! There’s a place that thinks my intellect is a valuable resource!!! God! I am thankful! All my motor skills are complete! God, I thank You! I have car!!! God! I thank You! I have places to drive to! God I thank You! I work!!!! God I thank You! Ha!!!! Life! There’s none of His mercies that I can claim to have earned o!

So so many reasons to be thankful! Life is an awesome gift! Don’t let the pain and your hurts make you forget that!!! The fact that God gives you the gift of another day means He hasn’t finished with you yet! Your work here is not done and there is still reason to hope!!! I am grateful to be alive today and I recognise and testify, that everything that comes together to form what I call life, was freely given to me by a merciful, benevolent God!!! And for that, I am thankful! Shalom! #39daysto40 #39to40

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