38 Days to 40!

38 days to 40!!! 38 days to 40!!!! Are we there yet?! πŸ™ˆπŸ™ˆπŸ™ˆ LOL!!! I stand and testify that God in His infinite mercy has not withheld any good thing!!! If it’s good for me, honestly?!! God has given me! And He has always given me better than I hoped, thought or imagined! Sometimes things and people (lol, yes), happen to me and I am like β€œ Lord, even in my best dreams, I didn’t imagine this one!” I am so so thankful! I am thankful! And I tell you, saying the above is not an attempt to brag or claim that anything has been perfect… very far from it… it’s always a question of perspective. See what Psalm 34: 5-12 says ( this is the Passion Translation):

How enriched are they who find their strength in the Lord;

within their hearts are the highways of holiness!

Even when their paths wind through the dark valley of tears,

they dig deep to find a pleasant pool where others find only pain.

He gives to them a brook of blessing

filled from the rain of an outpouring.

They grow stronger and stronger with every step forward,

and the God of all gods will appear before them in Zion.

For just one day of intimacy with you is like a thousand days of joy rolled into one!

I’d rather stand at the threshold in front of the Gate Beautiful,

ready to go in and worship my God,

than to live my life without you

in the most beautiful palace of the wicked.

For the Lord God is brighter than the brilliance of a sunrise!

Wrapping himself around me like a shield,

he is so generous with his gifts of grace and glory.

Those who walk along his paths with integrity will never lack one thing they need, for he provides it all!

The portions in bold is the reason why I say it’s a matter of perspective… it’s that we haven’t actually been promised a problem free life… neither have we been told there won’t be “dark valleys of tears”. It’s that in spite of the dark valleys we dig deep to find pleasant pools! We do this because we are convinced that God work’s everything out for our good and that no matter how it looks in the short term… in the end, we Win!

I am thankful!!! Really!!! In this land of the living, I testify that God has not withheld any good thing from me! I am almost certain that you can say the same too! And for that I am grateful.

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