31 Days to 40!!! I am Grateful for Peace!!!

31 days to 40!!!! I am really really grateful for peace in the land… I know that can be relative, but I am grateful that Nigeria is still one nation! I am grateful that we are not at war! Grateful that the people who would like to wreck havoc on our land have not and roll never succeed!

I am grateful that the school system isn’t interrupted because of unrest! The markets they still open…Grateful that protests are not stopping us from going to work!

I am grateful that the land is such that you can still plan, dream, go into business ventures, become an entrepreneur etc, all these are signs of hope… that a better tomorrow is still anticipated… I am grateful for that! Grateful that even the problems we see are opportunities (if properly looked at).

It’s 31 days to my 40th birthday and today I am grateful for the country I am from! The country that I live in! And I declare over Nigeria that Nigeria will thrive! That the will of God (which is evident in our design- we are rich in land, in water, in people, in mineral resources, in ideas, in talent…), the will of God concerning Nigeria will come to pass! We will be a nation envied and sought after! The land here will be green! Fertile! Our children will do us proud! Our reputation will be restored and changed! We shall be called Hepzibah! And our land Beulah! We shall be a delightful land! By the grace of God!

#31daysto40 #grateful

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