30 Days to 40!!! Can’t Wait!!!

30 days to 40 and I am grateful for the gift of Motherhood! Grateful for God’s kindness and mercy and for the privilege to steward lives for Him. I do not take that for granted, it is an honour that God puts lives in your hands to teach, mould and direct so that they fulfil His purpose for their lives! I am sure that you cannot steward for Him without staying close to Him, and that too is an honour!

I am honoured that He blessed me with biological children! I always tell my son (just because he is older and can understand), that when I count my blessings I count him twice! LOL! It’s more like 100 times per kid but no need to let their heads swell!

I am grateful for my non-biological grown “children”, people I am privileged to nurture, speak into their lives and provide counsel to! I don’t take it for granted. I believe that God is so intentional that for our paths to cross and for such relationships to develop, He already put in my life things you will need and put in yours things I will need! So that our life’s journeys are better together!

It’s 30 days to my 40th and I am grateful for all the “mothers” I have had. Every time you have nurtured my spirit, spoken to me, comforted when I felt sad, given fashion advice, behavioural advice, business guidance, pointed me in a direction when I sought wisdom concerning my kids, you have “mothered” in some sought of way and for that, I am eternally grateful!

What are you grateful for today? Do tell! Ciao!!!

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