#challengeaccepted #womensupportingwomen

When we say #challengeaccepted

May it mean that #womensupportingwomen does not stay a slogan!

When we say #challengeaccepted may it mean that we each make a personal commitment to grow…

When there is an opportunity, recommend a female owned business

When there is an opening, recommend a woman who is competent & will do us proud!

When you get a seat at the table remember that you are an ambassador for all of us women!

Better yet, create your own table and invite women to it

When we say #challengeaccepted may it mean that from now on we choose to look beyond her great make-up, her gorgeous bag and her power dressing!

May it mean “I truly see you”! I see your pains, I see your gains and I see your wins!

I see that it’s pressure that makes diamonds

I see that though you are strong, you too need a place of rest…

I hope that when we say #challengeaccepted it means I will provide that rest…

Rest from judgement, rest from comparison, rest from performance

I hope it means I will support you by allowing you the freedom to be you!

Now, that’s #womensupportingwomen

When we say #challengeaccepted, in black and white… let it be advocacy that allows us flourish in all our true colours!

Resplendent in our varying and multi-faceted beauty!

At peace in creation!

Marching on powerfully!

Being, being, being, just BE-ing!

Women! Feminine! Strong! Impactful! Valued! Powerful! And gracious!!!

Now, that’s a challenge I truly accept!

#challengeaccepted #womensupportingwomen #strongertogether #inwords #andindeeds

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